Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Grow a Tree Project? Each kit comes with a teacher’s manual, complete with curriculum based lesson plans and activities. For an additional $1/ Student each student can receive a biodegradable carton for planting their seeds and tree seeds indigenous to the geographic region. Please note that light potting soil must be acquired locally for planting and is not included in the kits.

How much does it cost?
Trees for Life Canada is a non-profit organization and requires $25 per school to cover the cost of online resources and materials. For and additional $1/ student + Shipping you can also order seeds and cartons..

How long do the seeds take to grow?
The germination period for seeds varies depending on the species and your geographic region. As a general rule, White Pine, White Spruce, Red Pine and Jack Pine seeds take 15 days to 1 1/2 months to germinate. Catalpa and Honey Locust seeds take 10-20 days to germinate.

Is that too long for my classroom?
The success of the program relies on the fact that results are not immediate. Students learn valuable lessons by caring for a living thing and seeing that it will require patience and care. In the end, students develop an investment in the life of their tree. Students are embarking on a life-long learning experience directly related to their future, their planet and the principles of environmental stewardship.

What ages/grades of children can participate?
Trees for Life Canada provides curriculum based Grow-a-Tree kits for grades kindergarten to six. However, the Grow-a-Tree kits have been integrated into middle school and high school classrooms successfully as well as for use outside the classroom in camps and extra-curricular clubs.

Q:  Our seeds aren’t sprouting, what can we do?

A: Ensure you have followed the instructions on the seed packet for your seeds.

1. Ensure soil is a lightweight potting soil mix and fills carton up to the fold line.

2. Keep soil moist and don’t let it dry out.

3. Keep cartons in a warm sunny location.

4. Plant 4-5 seeds in each carton, only 1/2″ deep.

5. Only Honey Locust seeds need to be pre-soaked prior to planting. In a cup or bowl, pour boiling water on Honey Locust seeds and let them soak for 48 hours. The seeds have a hard shell and this helps to speed the process for your class. They grow quickly once sprouted.

6. It’s very rare, but sometimes seeds may not sprout for unknown reasons. If this happens, please email trees@trees4life.ca and we will send you fresh seeds for your class within a week.